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About Cartwheel
A new venture development firm that creates, incubates, and accelerates B2B SaaS (software as a service) companies. We focus on applying emerging technology within the retail value chain.
We’ve chosen Northwest Arkansas as our headquarters. This region’s impact on the world of work is undeniable: Walmart, Sam’s Club, J.B. Hunt, Tyson Foods, and other frontline workforce leaders call the heartland of America home.
By Founders, For Founders
We’ve founded, co-founded, advised and joint-ventured. We’ve scaled digital studios, SaaS businesses, multi-product ecosystems, and managed core offerings for startups.
We’re operators and founders who believe deeply in surrounding entrepreneurs with a team that allows them critical focus on the early stage of product-market fit.
And we’re not alone. Our venture building efforts in Northwest Arkansas are backed by the Walton Family Foundation and WinRock International, because they believe in our ability to create value for the region through the startup studio model.
For Partners
For most businesses (big and small) innovation can’t happen fast enough. We’re here to help vet ideas, build and incubate founding teams, and accelerate businesses that tackle real world, B2B problems. We partner with Fortune 500 leaders, professional service agencies, and organizations that are inspired to drive change.
For Investors
Does your investment thesis align with the retail value chain. Let’s connect and share opportunities.
We’re building the future of the Retail Value Chain
In the News
Cartwheel launches Quantis in partnership with SSI .

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Our Programs
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A Retail Value Chain Acceletor
New cohort launching January 2024
Bounds Accelerator is an Arkansas-based, next-generation technology startup accelerator focused on the force-multiplying effects of merging serial entrepreneurs, industry and technology leaders, degree-seeking talent, and startup founders driving digital transformation in the retail value chain through the emerging technologies.
Cartwheel Studio and the University of Arkansas Office of Entrepreneurship and Innovation are jointly launching Bounds Accelerator. Funded through a grant from the Arkansas Economic Development Commission (AEDC) and a sponsorship from leading Web3 firm Coinbase, Bounds will focus on accelerating startup companies with technology products serving the retail, transportation, logistics, manufacturing, and supply chain industries. Designed to harness the power of emerging technologies, including artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, as well as blockchain-based solutions, the Bounds Accelerator will bring together a diverse group of entrepreneurs, industry leaders, tech experts, and innovative startups to drive digital transformation within the retail value chain.
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An Entrepreneurial Bootcamp
Launched March 2023
Leap is a 6-month program that takes high-achieving and entrepreneurial-minded local NWA talent through a hands-on exploration of what it takes to launch a company or product. It's distinct from other programs by incorporating educational content alongside authentic relationship experiences into our program. We believe in a culture of vulnerability and open-mindedness, where exceptional individuals can thrive and connect authentically.
Members will better understand the founder's role, discover their unique strengths, better understand funding, legal, and other structural considerations of starting a new venture, learn how to effectively test and validate ideas, and develop authentic connections within the community. Leap alums also qualify for consideration to co-found a startup with Cartwheel Studio and are a prerequisite to Cartwheel's EIR (Entrepreneur-In-Residence) program.
For more information about Leap, Cartwheel's co-founding opportunities, and the EIR program, please get in touch with Kathryn Carlisle, Studio Director.
Read more about our community of founders on Full on Arkansas.
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